Any agency that follows a procurement policy and purchases equipment or goods using taxpayers' monies. Govtrader will do a reverse EIN search to ensure that all advertisements will be from a Municipality. 

Govtrader was designed for agencies to see used equipment that is available from other Government entities. Government agencies can purchase from each other pending their procurement policies allow the transaction. Therefore ONLY Government Agencies can advertise on GovTrader.co

No. The purpose of Govtrader is for other agencies to have the opportunity to purchase amongst each agency, pending their procurement policy allows the transaction. Keep in mind that all Federal, State, and local laws have to be followed, and all procurement policies adhered to.

Anyone can purchase equipment pending the selling agency follows all Federal, State, Local Laws and Procurement Policies that the selling agency has adopted. Typically anyone outside of another Government Agency would have to purchase off a competitive bid process.

Check your Procurement Policy to see if your agency has adopted out of state purchasing. Contact your state comptroller in your area to verify no laws will be broken. Some states have inter-municipal agreements to purchase in their state, but not from other states. Agencies can also check with their attorney if in doubt.

Contact information of the selling agency is listed in the item description located after you click on the desired equipment you wish to observe. Govtrader.co is only for advertising available equipment.

Warranty is up to the selling agency and manufacturer if any remains on the item. Govtrader.co is not responsible for equipment conditions or suppling warranty for any and all items.

Govtrader.co only advertises photos that are supplied by the selling agency. If the item is different from the photos it is up to the seller and the purchaser to solve any and all issues.

Yes, always look at the equipment before a commitment. Pictures don’t give justice for condition. Govtrader.co is not responsible for conditions, mileage, or hours on any of its postings.

When purchasing from a Government agency it takes time. Keep in mind every transaction has to be approved and passed by the governing council. Meetings are typically held once a month depending on the agency. Some purchases may be preapproved and move rather quick and others may take a month for approval.

Each subscription will be posted for 30 Days from date of first posting. Additional monthly subscriptions are available at a discounted rate if needed. Different subscription options are located at the bottom of the Home Page.

To extend your advertisement for an additional month, sign into your secured account, go to "My Advertisements", click on "Renew". At this time you will be asked to agree to an additional charge for an additional month time.Renew_Screenshot.png

Yes, if you no longer need your item posted you can remove your ad from Govtrader.co by signing into your secured account and going to "My Advertisements". You can then remove a listing by selecting the "Delete" button on the corresponding advertisement you would like to remove.Delete_Screenshot.png

At the bottom of our page is a link to Contact Us. Please fill out any questions or problems and press submit.